Seated Chair

Seated Chair Massage at work

I studied acupressure seated chair massage in the summer of 2016. It’s a portable and convenient massage. The massage recipient sits fully clothed, no oils are used.

First of all, this type of therapeutic massage can be viewed as a form of preventative healthcare. Overall wellbeing, concentration boost and increased immunity are some of the benefits. Recent studies suggest that regular massage or touch can make you a happier person.

This treatment can help increase energy by improving blood and lymph flow. Glasgow Holistic Massage clients often experience deep relaxation. As a result, of this brief massage, they leave feeling revitalised both mentally and physically with increased energy levels.

This massage is particularly helpful for people who find themselves sat at their desks for a large part of the day. Chair massage in the workplace acts as a motivational booster for office workers.  These are just some of the reasons why I love providing this form of massage.

Seated Chair Massage Explained

Using palms and elbows, the massage works along either side of the spine. It includes pressure point work along the shoulder blades and arms including hands and fingers. Finally stretches to counteract the hunched over at desk position are included plus a head massage. This seated massage in the workplace has seen repeat customers.

Seated Massage in the workplace

£200 for a full 8 hour day to include 18 appointments and factoring in rest breaks
£110 half day four hour day to include 9 appointments and factoring in rest breaks.
£15 for 20 minute session or £12 for 15 minute session with minimum five people at any given venue.

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