Glasgow massage and relaxing music

Massage in Glasgow with relaxing music provided by the Open Ear Music player.

Relaxing Massage Music

When it comes to relaxing massage music, one technique I’ve employed is to ask clients what they’d like to listen to. It is, after all, their massage session. Especially clients who have a discerning approach to music. So we’ve had requests like, “anything but not ‘whale music’”, “something upbeat”, “not too trippy” to requests for silence during their relaxing massage treatment in Glasgow.

Open Ear Player

Pitfalls of YouTube for playing relaxing massage music

After using a few different long-length YouTube videos designed for relaxing massage, I found that I wanted to switch things up. Also there is always the possibility of unscheduled ads popping up. This didn’t help create a professional vibe and could be intrusive.

Tailored relaxing massage music via Open Ear player.

I then thought of a better more professional approach to mood appropriate music. I registered for a free trial with Open Ear Music. Open Ear was established in Glasgow ten years ago in 2007 by a friend, Brian Harvey (aka Auntie Flo). Brian was curious about the significance and influence of music on mood. He has made it his business so much so that he now designs music for use in a variety of situations including spas, hotels and retail chains.

I like the convenience of using the Open Ear player. One advantage is that it means there’s not a reliance on an internet connection for streaming music. Plus, there’s an element of trust in the music. It’s reassuring to know that the music used has been carefully and lovingly selected.

Massage in Glasgow today, in silence or with carefully crafted tunes

Also, for more intuitive work, if you prefer silence then I’m equally happy to work with whatever suits you best. Glasgow holistic massage provides a relaxing Swedish massage in Glasgow. It’s close to the city centre and venues like The Hydro and hotels and eateries near Finnieston.

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