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Thanks for visiting my Holistic Massage website. I am a professional massage therapist operating out of my home in the Charing Cross area of Glasgow.

Holistic massage is a practice that treats the person as a whole. The massage can be relaxing or energising. It is a person-centred activity. The treatment’s guiding principles are quality of touch, sensitivity and awareness. I will tailor your massage to provide a calming and relaxing experience to help reduce stress. Based on Swedish massage using a variety of stroking, kneading, light pressure and flowing movements over your whole body.

Working in a professional yet relaxed environment, I use natural base oils (grapeseed or almond oil) and blend aromatherapy oils to suit your mood and desired state of relaxation. I use my hands, palms, thumbs and fingertips to deliver a tailored massage to suit your needs.

My treatment will help in relieving any built up tension in your body by aiding blood flow circulation which carries more oxygen to specific muscles and decreasing muscle toxins. Increased flexibility may also help you feel relaxed and refreshed after a massage treatment.

I work mostly with female clients, men by referral only.

Please contact me for more information or book a massage appointment online.

A professional massage can help with the following:

Poor blood circulation
Muscular pain
Tight muscles
Bad back
RSI (repetitive strain injury)
Injury recovery
Lower back pain
Leg muscle tightness
Sore shoulders
Muscle spasm
Postural problems
Chronic pain
Stress or tension
Jet lag


‘I felt so relaxed after the massage and my body felt like it was even floating a little!’

Esther, November 2015

‘The massage was very comprehensive so I felt like there was no tension in any part of my body and it felt so soothed.’

Jayne, December 2015

‘I would definitely recommend this massage service as it was completely personalised to your needs, which I think is so important, and the environment felt so calming and secure. The massage itself was relaxing but also felt very effective and deep-working.’

Frances, January 2016


I concentrate on holistic massage with  variations on the treatment:

  • 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage – £20

  • 1 hour full body massage – £40

  • 1 hour 30 minute full body massage – £60

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy is a time for looking after your body and your growing baby.

    • 75 minute first session to include 15 minute consultation –£50

    • 1 hour 30 minute pregnancy massage – £60

    • Introductory 60 minute session: £30 if booked before 1 November 2018

      Seated Chair Massage

    • On-site Chair 8 hour day, 18 appointments £200

    • Seated Chair half day, 9 appointments £110

    • 20 minute Seated Chair, £15

Please contact me to discuss availability and book an appointment. Or call 0141 255 0309.

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If you’d like to talk through your requirements with me, you can call 0141 255 0309.

You can also Follow me on Twitter: @glasgowholistic and find the Glasgow Holistic Massage page on Facebook.

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